Environmental Services

Clean water, soil and air is essential to promote health, nutrition and food production

Eurotainer provides a variety of container types suited to the various aspects of the environmental services industry. Tank containers and small portable tanks for transport and storage of liquid and gas products handled by the industry. Lined and stainless steel equipment built to handle hazardous and non-hazardous commodities.

Tank containers are used for environmental clean up operations, soil remdiation projects and emergency response support .

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A dynamic intermodal asset that has revolutionized the international transport of bulk liquids

An intermodal tank container fitted with top and bottom valves, stainless steel barrel, insulatedm cladded and 4 bar working pressure


A series of containers built for the transport and storage of liquids and gases ranging from 450 to 5000 liter capacity in a wide variety of types and configurations.

These containers offer safe and secure transport of smaller quantity and commonly higher value commodities.


Intermodal assets designed to handle liquid products that require higly engineered components

Global supply chains are now formed by the plant to plant shipment of regulated products that require tank containers equipped to handle the unique requirements of these products to enable safe transport and storage.


Tank Containers that prolong product “life” and extend supply chains.

Heated, refrigerated and super insulated tank containers avaialble for lease globally.


Custom engineered and designed solutions

Tank containers for hazardous waste handling

Proper handling of hazardous waste requires equipment with a high level of safety and reliability. Hazrdous waste is commonly transported from a clean up site to waste water treatment plants, recycling centers, or incinerators. Work with Eurotainer to design an asset that meets the unique requirements of your project.

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Technical Expertise

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Services to support the leasing process

Eurotainer offers and provides a variety of services that enable efficient tank container operations and fleet optimization
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