Tank Containers for Liquid Products

An ideal solution for bulk liquid transportation and storage


Eurotainer is the Leader in Liquid Tank Container Leasing. With a large fleet of tank containers dedicated to liquid commodities transport and storage, Eurotainer has the right tank for your project. Our wide ranging fleet of tank containers for liquids are built for transport and storage of  hazardous and non-hazardous products serving many global industries.

Key Figures

  • 35000
    Liters... The largest capacity tank container for liquids available in the Eurotainer fleet
  • 75
    Inventory locations worldwide to start the lease of a container
  • 14
    Global offices staffed by industry experts

Tank Containers: A multi-functional asset

Tank containers can be deployed to serve in a variety of ways
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Why Lease? There are many benefits to leasing versus buying

“The reason to partner with a lessor of tanks is to reduce capital and operational expenditures.

Source: Euotainer Customer Survey, 2019

The benefits of leasing

Small Portable Tanks for Liquid Products

A series of containers built for the transport and storage of liquids ranging from 450 to 5000 liter capacity