In-Service Maintenance and Repair Services

Tank containers, like any industrial asset, require regular and procative maintenance to keep them working in top form and to ensure the integrity of the cargoes carried.

Tank Containers and Small Portable Tanks are commonly used for intercontinental transportation. Lifting of the containers on and off ships, barges, trucks and railcars can ocassionally lead to some damage requiring repairs.

Clients that work with Eurotainer to assist with their in-service proactive maintenance, repair and periodic testing of their fleet enables them to focus on the core competencies of their business.

The Eurotainer Depot Manual

A comprehensive summary and guide for our depot partners that details the maintenance and repair requirements for our equipment, globally.

"The reason to partner with a lessor of tanks is to reduce capital and operational expenditures"
Source: Eurotainer 2019 Customer Survey

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Case Studies

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