Technical Services and Regulatory Guidance

Work with Eurotainer’s Technical Team to design a tank container optimized for your project and product


Eurotainer is committed to regulatory intelligence, education and guidance. Our team of experts monitor the latest developments in the transport of dangerous goods in UN Portable Tanks internationally and within individual countries where our assets are in service. Eurotainer works with our clients to provide the equipment that meets the regulatory requirements of the product shipped and the trade lane in which it is shipped.

Engineered for global shipping

Eurotainer’s team of engineering and technical managers have decades of experience in transportation assets, regulations, mechanical engineering and most importantly, tank container design and construction. Our team is here to assist you in designing the tank container that meets the regulatory requirements and recommend the most suitable tank container for your product and your special requirements.

Tank container design

No two supply chains are alike and every shipped product requires different tank container types and components. Loading plants and unloading locations all have different requirements. Designing and configuring a tank container to meet these requirement requires a team of technical experts. Sophisticated applications and the latest technologies are used to design and develop innovative solutions to your design requirements.

Engineering and Technical Services

  • Recommending the most suitable tank container for your product and your special requirements
  • Design assistance for special projects
  • Tank regulations guidance
  • Maintenance and repair optimization
  • Spare part management
  • Modifications to existing equipment
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Container tracking solutions
  • Safety equipment design

Eurotainer Customer Survey 2019:

"Eurotainer is our main supplier and is able to respond to our needs, supported by both technically and commercially highly skilled people"

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