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Location tracking and remote monitoring - Eurotainer

Location Tracking and Remote Monitoring

Monitoring tank container location and product stored in the container is among the latest innovations in an efficient bulk supply chain

Eurotainer’s container tracking and monitoring solutions allow our clients to utilize the latest technology to monitor temperature, pressure, location and other variables on their tank containers. These low cost and powerful solutions are configured for worldwide service and consistent data transmission. Talk with our team of technical experts about location tracking and remote monitoring.

  • Electronic tracking using satellite, GPS or cellular systems to determine asset location

  • Automated measurement of temperature, pressure and loaded quantity

  • Full/empty alerting

  • Residue detection and alerting

  • Monitoring of  temperature of tank containers during the heating process

  • Gathering data from distant and inaccessible locations

  • Reporting, metrics measurement and analytics

  • Remote monitoring and management of temperature controlled tank containers

  • Geofencing and alerting

  • Web based platform

  • Solar powered systems with battery backup

  • ATEX certified sensors and controllers

Discover how leasing containers with telemetry systems has delivered supply chain optimization to Eurotainer's clients arond the world

Case studies

Eurotainer earns Ecovadis Gold Rating for Sustainability

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