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Why lease ? - Eurotainer

Why lease ?

Learn about the benefits of ISO tank leasing. Here’s a list of advantages to be considered:

Operational Benefits :

  • Leasing offers flexibility in a business world that is always changing
  • Leasing guards you against obsolescence of the asset
  • Your commitment in terms of duration of the project is limited to the contract term 
  • Leasing is supported by value added services to take the pain out of managing your fleet of tank containers
  • Leasing enables an optimized supply chain. Quickly and easily increase or decrease your fleet based on current needs. 
  • Leasing tank containers that can be used for transportation or dedicated storage, a multi-functional asset. 
  • Provides flexibility to on-hire/off-hire at locations around the globe to alleviate trade imbalances.
  • Allows you to remain focused on your core business

Financial Benefits :

  • With ISO tank leasing, there’s no capital investment for your business. 
  • Leasing Tank containers reduces your maintenance costs . Your company benefits from our worldwide depot network for maintenance and repair of the equipment.
  • Eurotainer, as a worldwide company, offers a global availability of tank containers – Sourcing the tank in the right location can reduces logistics costs. You lease tanks when needed and where needed.
  • When leasing equipment from Eurotainer, your company benefits from Eurotainer’s global buying power for containers, parts and services. 
  • Leasing is commonly classified as an operational expense, eliminating the need for capex approval. 
  • Conserves capital for significant cash requirements such as plant insfrastrucure, staffing, research & development, etc.
  • It reduces business risk if needs change.

“The reason to partner with a lessor of tanks is to reduce capital and operational expenditures.

Source: Euotainer Customer Survey, 2019


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