Multi-functional Asset: Tank Containers for Transport or Storage

Eurotainer manages one of the largest fleets of tank containers for lease. We are constantly renewing our fleet with the newest and lightest tank containers available that allow for increased payloads and more efficient shipments when transported via truck, ship, barge or train. Eurotainer maintains inventories of equipment in North America, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.




Containers for Transport

The use of tank containers for storage has been a game changer for many small to mid-size companies. Tank containers can commonly be stacked up to six units high, can be piped together and manifolded. The flexibility of tank containers as a storage tank combined with clear cost and time savings versus land based storage tanks has given bulk liquid and gas producers and users an alternative for their long term and short term storage needs.

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"Our contact person was quite flexible. Our own customer did not give a five year contract, but a three year contract with possibility to extend. Eurotainer understood those constraints and was able to be flexible."
Source: Eurotainer Customer Survey 2019