Specialized Liquid Tanks

The tank container has become the globally accepted choice for the transportation of bulk liquid dangerous goods. Global supply chains are now formed by the plant to plant shipment of regulated products that require tank containers equipped to handle the unique requirements of these products to enable safe transport and storage. Eurotainer is the global leader in the leasing of specialized liquid tanks.

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Eurotainer’s specialized tank containers can include the following :

  • Lined tanks for corrosive products
  • High pressure tanks
  • Lethal service/poison by inhalation ratings
  • Baffles
  • ASME U stamp rated equipment
  • Fire safe valves
  • Sparger systems
  • Bolted manways
  • T Codes from T2 to T22
  • Etc.


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Technical Specifications

  • 10000 to 26000 liter capacity. Most common capacities are 14500, 17500, 21000, 24000 and 26000 liters.
  • Lightweight design
  • Dimensions : 20' ISO
  • Insulated and fitted with heating and cooling coils
  • Tank material : stainless steel
  • Fitted with three closures, a pressure relief valve and fusible link for safety
  • Approvals : IMO/UN, RID, ADR, US DOT CFR49, UIC; TIR, CSC, Transport Canada, , SELO
  • Full frame and beam frame designs
  • Multiple specification options

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