Composite Tank Containers

High technology composite tanks with exceptional chemical resistance and low tare weight for bulk transportation of corrosive and high purity chemicals.

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The ability to offer our clients a safe, lightweight, durable, easy-to-clean and versatile composite tank container has been a goal of Eurotainer for some time.


We have now delivered with break-through technology that will transform the tank container industry.


These tank containers offer a light weight option to traditional lined/coated tanks for transport and storage of corrosive products. This equipment also provides an alternative to shippers of hard-to-clean products and significantly reduces high cleaning costs.


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SAMPLE PRODUCT LIST:  Hydrogen peroxide, ammonium hydroxide, ferric chloride, ferrous chloride, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluosilisic acid, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium hypochlorite, sulphuric acid, latex, isocyantes and polymers


Technical Specifications

  • Capacity : 22.500 Liters (5.943 US Gallons)
  • Size : 20 foot ISO
  • T Codes : T7, T8, T9 or T10
  • Tank material : Carbon fiber reinforced polymer with seamless polyethylene interior
  • Tare weight : 2.820 kg (6.238 lbs.)
  • Working pressure : 2.7 bar
  • Test Pressure : 4 bar
  • Design temp : -40C to +50C
  • Safety devices : Bursting disc, safety relief valve and pressure gauge
  • Approvals : US DOT 49 CFR, ADR/DIR, Australian ADG7, CSC
  • Openings : Top only and bottom outlet models

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