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The intermodal tank container provides shippers of bulk liquids and gases the most environmentally friendly method of global transportation

The tank container is a reusable asset that commonly has a useable life of twenty years or more. Stronger and safer than any other mode of transport, tank containers are a global transportation vehicle. Eurotainer is committed to corporate responsibility and sustainable development through the Ethical Charter and the SAFETY, QUALITY AND ENVIRONMENT POLICY of our parent organization, Ermewa SA:



As a founding member of ITCO, the International Tank Container Organisation, Eurotainer actively takes part in the promotion of the tank container industry to the public and the governmental bodies. Since its establishment in 1998, ITCO addresses safety, regulatory, technical and environmental issues.  Learn about ITCO’s study that determined that tank containers leave a significantly lower carbon footprint versus shipment in drums:


Eurotainer operates throughout the world

Eurotainer operates throughout the world

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Eurotainer has been a worldwide company since the 1970's

Eurotainer has been a worldwide company since the 1970's

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