Tank containers for Low Pressure Liquified Gases

T50 Type For Transport and Storage of Liquefied Gases

Eurotainer is the Leader in Gas Tank Specialized Tank Container Leasing. With the largest fleet of tank containers dedicated to liquefied gas transport and storage, Eurotainer has the right tank for your project.

Ideally suited for a variety of liquified  gases

Sample Product List: Butadiene, Butane, Butylene, Propane, LPG, Ammonia-anhydrous, Propylene, Methyl and Ethyl Chloride, Chlorine, Sulphur Dioxide, Dimethylamine and Trimethylamine, Anhydrous and many more


  • 22.0 BAR / 319 PSI and 15.1 BAR /219 PSI working pressure models
  • Built to ASME “U” Stamp code
  • Large capacity – 24300 or 24600 liters
  • Extensive product list
  • Carbon steel barrel
  • Beam frame design
  • All international approvals
  • Sunshield
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Liquid and gas phase valves

Specification Options

Zinc lining or without lining, stainless steel barrel, level gauges, GPS tracking and telemetry systems, various valve connections and fittings, side discharge valves, ullage gauges, barrel without zinc lining, placard holders, top discharge, insulation, stainless steel cladding, 30 foot tank length, LPG components, etc. Also available in other capacities and pressures.


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