Spill containment units offer safety and security to companies using tank containers for storage of high value or hazardous products

Continuing a pattern of innovation and providing solutions to our clients, Eurotainer is now offering “Spill-tainers” for lease.

Provides a cost effective solution, avoids construction of an on-site containment method and delivers compliance with local/regional spill containment regulations.

Payload, construction and dimensions

Maximum Payload: 30600 kg / 67460 lbs Construction materials: Steel plate, welded. Floor: 5.0 mm thickness External dimensions: 9125 mm (L) x 2995 mm (W) x 1541.5 mm/ 30 ft (L) x 9.8 ft (W) x 5 ft (H)

Capacity and specifications

Cubic capacity: 35.3 cubic meters / 1247 cubic feet Maximum gross weight: 34700 kg/ 76500 lbs Standard length: 30 feet – fits 20 foot ISO container or SWAP body.

Handling and fittings

Empty Transport: Flat-bed chassis or container chassis. Fitted with twist-lock connections on four corners. Lifting: Slings on corner castings or two pocket forklift Valves: Two discharge valves – Ball valves with threaded connections. Top position connected to the spill box (DN32) & bottom position (DN50) Options: 20 and 40 foot models

Eurotainer Spill-tainer in action

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