Ten Foot Tank Containers

20 foot tank containers too big? Other small portable tanks too small? Our 10 foot tank containers are the perfect option for your supply chain

For the Transport and Storage of Liquid Products

Our 10 foot tanks offer the largest capacity in our small portable tank fleet and provide an alternative to our clients who are looking for something a bit smaller than our 20 foot tank containers with similar construction and components. The 10 foot tanks come in two capacities. 5000 liters (1320 US gallons) or 10000 liters (2641 US gallons). Two 10 foot tanks can be connected via specialized twist locks to create a virtual 20 foot tank.

Ten Foot Tank Containers:

Chemical grade and Food grade tanks

Full frame design

Low tare weight

Insulated and fitted with heating coils

Global availability

Pressure relief valve for safety

316L stainless steel barrel

Capacity: 5000 or 10000 liters

T Code: T11/T12

Lightweight design (2200 kg or 2700 kg)

Dimensions : 10′ ISO, 10’ x 8’ x 8’6”

Tank material : stainless steel barrel with carbon steel frame

Fitted with three closures, a pressure relief valve and fusible link for safety

Approvals : IMO/UN, RID, ADR, US DOT CFR49, UIC; TIR, CSC, Transport Canada, SELO

Safety relief valve and rupture disc fitted

500 mm manway with swingbolt closures

3” bottom foot valve with butterfly closure, 1” airline and spare port on the top.

Top discharge with siphon tube, bolted manway, offshore certification, lining/coating, level gauges, GPS tracking, and telemetry systems, lined/coated valves, various valve connections and fittings, specialized twist locks to link two tanks together, steam heating coils, electric heating, air actuated valves and dry couplings, etc.

Use for transport or storage of liquid products (food grade or chemical grade). Two ten foot containers can be connected to create a virtual 20 foot tank container with two barrels. Allows for transport of two products together. Ideal for product formulation use.

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Ten Foot Tank Container Brochure

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