Eurotainer holds Technical Training Day for a Key Client in Thailand

05 Jun 2023

Recently the Singapore office of EUROTAINER organized a training day in Thailand for SOLVAY PEROXYTHAI in close cooperation with our valued partner in Thailand, S.O. TANK Depot.

The session was held to reinforce our technical expertise and our safety procedures to Solvay. The first part of the session was performed through a set of presentations, describing the regulations in the tank container industry, our requirements in terms of safety, and then moving to the proper way of operating and repairing a tank container. The Solvay team was very much interested in the different part of the tanks (rupture disks, discharge, gaskets, valves…), and a more in-depth presentation of the standards of repair for tank containers (depot manual presentation, different types of pitting and how to repair, discoloration…). Our audience was composed of members of the operations team from Solvay Peroxythai.

This was followed by a check of all the learnings from the morning session and give further explanations, while on the top of the hydrogen peroxide tank.

It was also a way to present to Solvay the different types of tanks in our fleet, as well as the different linings we are using. Solvay leases from Eurotainer lined tanks and it was a good opportunity to reexplain the benefit of these new linings, and show that once again, Eurotainer is at the forefront of the latest technologies.


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