Eurotainer installs latest technology innovation for level gauging on gas tank containers

17 May 2023

Eurotainer’s low pressure gas tanks for products like anhydrous ammonia, LPG/propane, butane and several R gases will now come equipped with Intermodal Telematics’ RL22-Ex digital level gauges. The RL22-Ex is a sensor that is used together with a Rochester Level Gauge to create a digital level sensing solution for liquid and now gas tank containers. The RL22-Ex will display and monitor the liquid level inside of a tank container and wirelessly send the measured level values to an IMT Communication & Location Terminal (CLT), which in turn transmits the sensor data to the IMT platform where it can be accessed remotely via the IMT web application. The RL22-Ex is ATEX IIC certified and can therefore be used in the transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous product in all sectors.

This development will revolutionize remote monitoring of low pressure gas tanks and Eurotainer is proud to be a part of this new innovation.

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