Fleet Service Management

Document Management

Too many emails, large attachments, emails getting lost, server load concerns, too many reports….Multiple commercial, technical and maintenance documents to manage…Under the FSM program Eurotainer offers the a document management service to ease the burden of managing the paperwork associated with a fleet of tank containers:

  • Secure web-based platform for the exchange of large files
  • Enables process improvements and more efficient collaboration
  • Capable of handling multiple document types
  • Web based, real time and global access
  • Robust alerting and notifications
  • High level of security
  • Reasonable cost
  • Easy to use by both parties

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Eurotainer’s Fleet Service Management Program (FSM) eliminates the pain and reduces the cost of keeping your tank container fleet in proper condition, in test and in compliance with all regulations. One simple solution…

Since the inception of the FSM program in 2004, Eurotainer has delivered over US$4 million in documented savings to our clients.
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