gas tank

Gas Tanks for Dimethylamine
and Trimethylamine, Anhydrous

Dimethylamine anhydrous (DMA) has hundreds of different applications in solvents, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, flocculents, surfactants, rubber chemicals, and catalysts.
Trimethylamine anhydrous (TMA) is used as raw material for chorine based pharmaceuticals, surfactants and solvents, and other products.

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Eurotainer is largest lessor of gas tanks in the world. Our tank containers are designed with the latest innovations to optimize liquefied gas supply chains around the world.
Our global inventory of equipment supported by a network of maintenance facilities delivers the confidence you are looking for in a leasing partner. Our team of technical experts are here to support you with any questions you may on our gas tanks.



  • Agrochemical industry
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics industry
  • Oil & Gas Treatment
  • Pulp & Paper industry
  • Water treatment solutions



Level gauges, GPS tracking and telemetry systems, various valve connections and fittings, side discharge valves, ullage gauges, barrel without zinc lining, placard holders, top discharge, insulation, stainless steel cladding, 30 foot tank length. Available in a variety of capacities and pressures.


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Technical Specifications

  • 22 BAR / 319 PSI and 15.1 BAR /219 PSI working pressure models
  • Built to ASME “U” Stamp, “Division 2.5” design
  • Dimensions : 20' ISO
  • Capacity 24600 and 24700 liters
  • Tank material : carbon steel SA612N or P460N
  • Tare weight from 6000 Kg to 10000 Kg
  • Approvals : IMO/UN, RID, ADR, US DOT CFR49, UIC; TIR, CSC, Transport Canada, ASME with U2 stamp, SELO
  • Zinc lining as an option
  • Full frame and beam frame designs
  • Multiple specification options

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A question? Our experts will answer you quickly

A question? Our experts will answer you quickly

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