Innovative three phase heating on a T22 type small portable tank

Innovative three phase heating on a T22 type small portable tank

Eurotainer recently collaborated with an important client and one of our manufacturing partners to design a small portable tank (SPT) that delivers heating to three separate components of the tank.

Our client, a global supplier to the automotive industry, needed a 1100 liter SPT with high temperature requirements (up to 200C), to ensure that the product can be unloaded quickly and efficiently. The SPTs were constructed with a three phase heating system that included an internal steam heating coil, an external bottom pan steam heating system and a final heat tracing of the siphon tube.

The internal heating system is designed to heat the product above its melting point for processing. The bottom pan steam heating coil is in place to prevent residual build up at the bottom of the pan that otherwise would fail to reach melting point and would not be discharged. The siphon tube steam tracing is installed to prevent the product from forming a plug inside the tube that would impede the unloading process. The product also required a robust T22 type tank with high working pressure and thicker stainless steel barrel than common SPTs.

This project is a great example of collaboration between parties to design, engineer and build a highly technical pressure vessel in a small package. Contact any Eurotainer office with your unique product and shipping requirements and we will put our team together to create a solution that works for your supply chain.