Compromiso con la calidad

All containers in the Eurotainer fleet are maintained to the highest condition standards.

Mire el video para entender nuestro compromiso por mantener los equipos




Eurotainer Commitment to Quality is delivered through our high condition standards for our equipment


The maintenance, repairs and testing of our containers is managed by a team of global Maintenance & Repair experts. This team is tasked with ensuring that our tank containers, wherever they may be in the world, are always available for you.

Eurotainer Will Use It’s Scale And Expertise To:

  • Reduce repair and maintenance costs
  • Verify estimates for repair
  • Expedite depot servicing
  • Provide post repair support
  • Provide on-going, global, technical support
  • Enable access to Eurotainer’s worldwide depot network
  • Depot versatility – Rapid turnaround of equipment – Expedited testing and repair services
  • Deliver quantifiable cost savings
  • Reduce exposure to high off hire costs in the event of redelivery of equipment